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    Wholefood Cooking Classes

    Whether one-on-one, an intimate group or a corporate team, a cooking class with me is the ultimate way to gain wholefood knowhow the motivation to practice healthy eating habits daily. As a participant, you can sit back and relax, soak up priceless nutritional tips and enjoy generous tastings of all dishes prepared.

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  • coroporate-health

    Corporate Health Programs

    Corporate wellness is priceless.
    Busy working lives leave many people time-poor to invest in their health. This adversely affects their physical and mental wellbeing and in turn their productivity in the workplace.

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  • naturopathic-consulations

    Naturopathic Consultations

    A one-on-one consultation is invaluable when it comes to improving your health. You may be seeking assistance in the management of specific health concerns, such as weight gain, digestive problems, anxiety, depression or lack of energy, or you may simply wish to ‘check-in’ and acquire simple and practical tools to function at your very best daily.

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